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Hello, I'm Aura! I am a Cosplayer, Roleplayer, and mainly Anime Artist. I go to Ohayocon and Matsuricon in Columbus Ohio every year. I Roleplay mainly Hetalia but I also do OC stuff.


Best Friend: :iconkbug546:

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Chloeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by The-NoVA
Now I'm not the best artist but I figured I'd try this to see if anyone would take my offers Okay here's the details:

Traditional- 3:points: (+2:points: for color) (+1:points: for additional characters)

Example-AT- Fox Brothers by AJadeS <da:thumb id="459474127"/> 

Painting- 5:points: (+1:points: for additional characters)

Example-Sylyn's Death by AJadeS  <da:thumb id="432943899"/> 

Digital- 7:points: (+2:points: for color) (+1:points: for additional characters)

Example- Cole White by AJadeS Chained Liam by AJadeS Chloe Eevee -Gijinka Pokemon- by AJadeS 

Natural Rules for art trades, and you can suggest something but no guarantees I'll do it.

Commission Slot 1- open
Commission Slot 2- open
Commission Slot 3- open

Art Trade Slot 1- open
Art Trade Slot 2- open
Art Trade Slot 3- open
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Chapter 1: Monster

Roderich was awoken when an old grandfather clock rang out echoing through the castle signaling midnight. Roderich looked around startled he had fallen asleep on the library carpet, in front of the now dying fire. He looked to the arm chair where his driver was still asleep. Roderich sat up and sighed, he looked to the window hearing the relentless rain and thunder. He heard footsteps above him, he furrowed his brows and looked back at his sleeping driver.
“Is someone else here?” he whispered to himself, he got up and gently shook his driver’s shoulder.
“Huh? Mr. Edelstein? Is something wrong?” he asked slowly rubbing his eyes,
“I think someone else is here… I heard footsteps.” He said quietly
“What?” he asked and they both looked up as footsteps sounded above them. The driver stood up “I see.” He pulled out his lighter and lit up the candle opera. “Let’s go look.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Roderich said nervously,
“Alright you could wait here while I go look.” He said. Roderich sighed
“That’s worse… I’ll come with you…” he said reluctantly. They both left the library and headed to the grand staircase, that lead to upper levels. Roderich stayed very close to his driver constantly looking around, he was very concerned something was going to happen.
They explored the upper levels but they didn’t hear anymore footsteps or see any signs of another human.
“Well it doesn’t seem like anyone’s here.” His driver said as they headed back down stairs.
“Did we just imagine the footsteps?” Roderich asked. Suddenly the candles went out.
“Nope!” said a voice from the darkness, which was followed by a scream from his driver. Roderich felt a whoosh of air and heard some sickening sounds accompanied by his driver’s screams and groans. Roderich ran down the rest of the stairs heading for the front door, he’d rather be drenched by rain then murdered. He reached the door and started to pull it open but it was quickly pushed closed by a stronger force. “Where are you going?” the mysterious voice asked Roderich felt something drip down onto him, he touched it and squinted trying to see in the dark. When the lightning flashed he saw the red of blood, he slowly looked up and the body of his driver nearly fell on him Roderich stumbled backwards falling down. He breathed heavily heart beat fast as he stared at the dark shape of his driver’s corpse. Something landed in front of him he looked up at the dark shape of a man, lightning flashed and Roderich saw a man he had white hair, bright red eyes and a smirking  mouth covered in blood with two long pointed fangs. He leaned down towards him “Hey hottie my name’s Gilbert and I’m a Vampire.” The man pulled Roderich closer and licked his neck once before biting down, his teeth easily breaking into Roderich’s skin. Roderich felt dizzy and passed out.

Roderich slowly felt his senses come back to him he was laying on something soft, his head was elevated, there was a pain in his neck, and someone was playing with his hair. He moved a bit,
“Awake yet? You know I didn’t take that much blood from you.” Gilbert said, Roderich sat up quickly and moved away from Gilbert nearly falling off the bed. The vampire had moved Roderich to a bed room and had the pianist resting his head on his lap. Roderich stared at the vampire eyes wide and fearful. Gilbert just grinned “Hmm? What? Are you admiring my awesomeness?”
“Wha… wh… uh?” Roderich didn’t know what to ask
“Ah sorry about your friend, but it’s not every day my dinner wonders into my castle willingly.” Gilbert said scratching the back of his head, Roderich just stared to stunned to speak. Gilbert huffed in annoyance “Look I’m not going to hurt you I’ve already eaten for the night. Just relax.” Roderich looked around the room locating all the chances for an escape. When he looked back Gilbert’s face was inches from his “I could always make you relax.” He said, Roderich noticed his red eyes started to glow a bit Roderich felt something take hold of his mind. Then his body moved on its own closing the distance between him and the vampire he quickly shut his eyes and turned his head away. He felt his mind and body falling back under his control. “Awe, I guess I’ll wait.” Gilbert sighed Roderich heard the bed creak as Gilbert moved back away from Roderich. Roderich sat back up straight and opened his eyes. “Okay stranger you’ve trespassed in my castle, but I promise not to hurt you. Can you just tell me your name?” Roderich gulped but looked down
“I’m Roderich…” he said he looked back to Gilbert who was smiling at him
“Well Roderich welcome to the castle of Prussia.”
Prologue: Cliché Much?

Roderich huffed he and his driver had been walking for hours it seemed, since the car broke down. Roderich Edelstein was a very well know composer and he was supposed to be setting up for a show in the Russian Republic of what used to be Prussia, luckily they had at least gotten through Poland before the car broke. Roderich sighed when they reached the top of a hill he looked around,
“Look sir,” his driver said Roderich followed his line of sight
“Oh that’s the Baltic Sea isn’t i…” he stopped when he actually saw what his driver was referring to. An old castle stood at the edge of a cliff, the sea crashed up against the rocks, and the whole thing was outlined by black clouds of an oncoming storm. It looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie.
“I think we should take shelter there the storm seems to be approaching fast.” The driver said beginning to walk towards the castle.
“I’m using you as a shield if we encounter an axe wielding maniac,” Roderich muttered under his breath as he warily followed.

They reached the castle just as it began to drizzle they knocked on the door, and with no answer walked on in. It was pitch black with no light coming through window aside from the occasional lightening strike. Roderich heard the flick of a lighter and looked over as his driver lit an old candle opera he had found, his driver walked more in the grand entrance way with two huge staircases that lead up stairs and a few doorways along the wall leading to other parts of the castle. As his driver explored Roderich followed close behind wrapping his arms around himself as he shuddered from the cold of the seemingly empty castle.

After a bit of exploration they found the library Roderich’s driver had set up a fire in the gorgeous fire place, which Roderich sat next to listening to the thunder and heavy down pour outside.
“I think we’ll be stuck here for a while,” his driver said while peering out a window
“Well maybe the bedrooms won’t be to dirty if we have to stay the night.” Roderich said looking at his watch which read 7:53pm. He sighed looking back to the crackling fire, he had a feeling he wasn’t going to make his show tomorrow.
~PruAus Fanfic~ Ensnared Prologue
Yay I've started a story it has been a loooong time since I've written fiction.
Run Jeremy Run by AJadeS
Run Jeremy Run
Mainly a practice for shading but it was also inspired by a role play

Jeremy Fitzgerald- FNAF

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